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A blog about the love I have in my heart for my two daughters and the desire I have to add to my family again. Lilly Anna here with me on Earth born October 27, 2006 and Daisy Arabella whom I lost to Trisomy 13 or 18 when she was stillborn at 36 weeks and 3 days on January 26, 2009.

Friday, February 26, 2010

One year and one month ago...

So, here it Feb. 26th. It has been one year and one month since Daisy's sleeping body was born into this Earth. We did not conceive this month. But, with everything positive going on in my life right now I am not dwelling on it. I finally feel okay with it for the first time after more than 6 months of trying and being let down. It will happen when it is time. I admit I didn't always have that outlook and I admit it could change at any time.

I steadily am working on the new location for my salon and boutique. It is a dream come true for me! I am putting a lot of "me" into this shop. I am enjoying being so creative and not holding back as I did with my current location. The doors on the new place are bright pink and I love it! Pink, black and white with a little khaki thrown in are my colors. I am doing leopard and zebra print and it is going to be modern, sexy, and FABULOUS!

I am still operating out of my current location today and tomorrow. We hope to get the floors and owning done this weekend and then get my things moved in. I will do my first clients on Main Street in one week! I can't wait!

Now, for a little about my Lilly. She will be going to work with me 2 days a week for a few hours. I have to get her room at the shop all done up. She is so good! I was blessed with a great daughter. She can play by herself and usually minds very well. =)

She is growing like a weed! The pants and long sleeve shirts that I bought her in the fall are all way to short now. We are ready for Spring so we can break out the new clothes and don't have to buy new Winter things.

That's all I have for now. I pray everyone has a great weekend!

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