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A blog about the love I have in my heart for my two daughters and the desire I have to add to my family again. Lilly Anna here with me on Earth born October 27, 2006 and Daisy Arabella whom I lost to Trisomy 13 or 18 when she was stillborn at 36 weeks and 3 days on January 26, 2009.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Butterflies, Rainbows & Baby Shoes

So, I meant to write a few weeks ago after out River trip. I am only now finding the time to get my thoughts and experiences out. I don't know if you believe in "signs" from God, but I do. If you don't keep reading and you may find that someday God speaks to you through something on this Earth. First, we went to Atlanta last month and we took Lilly Anna (our 3 and 1/2 year old daughter) to the Atl. Zoo. As we were passing the exhibit where the gorillas were I noticed a tiny pink baby shoe on the ledge. I looked closer and it was a Gymboree shoe with tiny white daisies all over it. It instantly pulled at my heart. I kept looking at it. We were walking away and I wanted to photograph this moment; this shoe...so badly. I stopped and went back to take a picture of the pink baby shoe... on the ledge... at the zoo... with the daisies on it. LOL I could not get a picture to where you could she the daisies. Light shown all around it in the pictures. In reality the light wasn't shining directly on it. It was heavenly. I know what some people are thinking...it was a shoe on a ledge! Someone dropped it. Probably true, but it happened on that day and I walked by and seen it and it warmed my heart and made me think of my baby angel. So, there. ;)

Okay fast forward 2 weekends later...we are at the river and the weather was crazy this day! Storms kept popping up and we would have to go back in doors. We were outside on the sand bar after and before another good rain when I looked up towards the sun and saw an upside rainbow!!! Like a smiley face! I have never seen such. I took a picture because I thought it was cool. Later that afternoon we were fishing in the boat when I noticed a baby (tiny) orange butterfly (smaller than any one I have ever seen) hanging around the boat. I thought "how pretty" and nothing more. 10 or 15 minutes later I noticed it was still in our boat! I was telling Cayce about it because at this point I was getting a little emotional after all of the signs I had seen the last few weeks. Oh and I forgot to mention I had written Daisy's name in the sand before I saw the rainbow. So, the butterfly lands on my foot as I am telling my husband to look and then on my other foot. She is sitting right on top of my "daisy" tattoo on my foot. Then she lands on Lilly's foot which evokes a giggle from her and a smile and tear from me. I ended up holding my hand out towards this butterfly palm up and she landed in my palm immediately! I watched as this butterfly took her (mouth I guess...the long thing they suck pollen out of flowers with) and kiss my hand repeatedly! We have been in butterfly houses where you can't get a butterfly to land on you and here on this river in this boat this lone tiny beautiful butterfly does this. I was very emotional and happy. It was a "moment" for sure. I wanted to get that out there and share it. Let it warm your heart if it will. Look for your own signs from above or if nothing else maybe stop and enjoy God's beauty a little more often.

I will try to upload images later as it won't allow me to right now. :(


  1. Those moments definitely brought gave me a smile. I can only imagine how they made you feel.

  2. Thank you for keeping up with me Mary and always commenting on my posts. I know they are few and far between. But, I try to write as often as I can. ;)


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